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**More coming soon to this page.**

Tune: $40 includes Sharpen + Wax + Chrystal Glide stone finish and Radial Base finish on our Montana Challenge.

High Performance Tune: $45 Includes Cup Wheel finish for a more polished and sharper side edge.

Grind: $50 Includes Making the ski flat and final structure. (no Edging)

Grind with Edging: $58 Bevel to your spec. *ADULT FIS GS skis are done with Radial unless asked otherwise. .4 under foot .7 tip & tail. SL at .5 unless asked. .3 upon request.

Full Race Prep: $105 Includes sidewalls prepped, bevel angles set and skis ground with base structure, Base Prep wax and hot box cycle.

Welding: $5 + Includes Base welding with P-Tex or Epoxy for Delam work.

Hot Wax Only $10 Real Deal Hot Wax with Iron

Hot Box Cycle: $20

Mount System Bindings: $25 Includes Test

Toque Test: $22

Mount Standard Flat Ski + Binding: $49 Bought elsewhere*

SIDE edge only with quick wax $15 **not all skis are available for this service.