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Boot Fitting Services

Boots are the most important piece of equipment you can own. It is also the piece of equipment that is actually custom fit to your feet. We believe everyone needs a little customization for total comfort.  Stop in and work with one of our fitters to see the largest model selection in town. (over 80 models!)

We understand the importance of owning boots that meet your goals and budget. This is why all our boot fitting staff have Attended either Masterfit University or SIDAS Academy and most have attended both several times. All fitting is also supervised by our on Staff ABC board certified Pedorthist.

That’s why every sale starts with a conversation to hear about your needs. While we work year round with Athletes of all levels we understand that not everyone needs a race boot or a race fit. While some customers need this to achieve the level of performance they are looking for some of us just want to ski in control and be warm while others are just looking to experience the outdoors and skiing is just another vehicle to get outside. 

We have the technology

Because we work with so many athletes we are need to have all the best equipment in fitting adjustments stretching and grinding and modification. We also keep many spare parts in stock so stop in and see us if you need a repair.

We are also a Fischer Vacuum full fit specialist shop.

Insoles and inserts

From Drop in replacements, un-posted, ¼ posted or even full posted we do a little or sometimes a lot of each to meet each customer’s requirements. We carry and build inserts from SIDAS and Masterfit.

Sole Planning, Canting and Stance Analysis

We work with some of the best athletes and instructors at OKEMO and beyond, please make an appointment for stance analysis work if you are from outside the area.

We ask anyone looking to chat about boots to bring their current equipment so we can have a look and access what you have been using to help guide us in choosing your next piece of equipment.