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Our Story

Vermont’s Oldest Family Run Ski Shop!

Started in a renovated horse barn in 1967 near the current location. Then in 1968 moved to a GULF GAS service station that stood mostly in the present day parking lot. The shop has taken on many forms and renovations since then and now consist of two old barns (one was a horse veterinarian) a bakery, a 200 year old house, a new structure in 1988/1999 and some of that old existing  service station. Many of the original beams can be seen around the store decorated with a history of skiing’s, great and not so great inventions of the history of our sport. It’s worth a trip just to look around.

Ken has been a fixture at the shop since 1967, to many he is even better known for his racing and freestyle skiing accomplishments. As a junior racer, Ken was one of three A racers in Vermont and he was ranked third in the East in downhill for four straight years. Later Ken was the leading money-winner on the 1973 freestyle circuit. His now legendary Gelundersuprung at Vail beat the existing record by 30 feet, traveling 186 feet and was later named to an elite five member U.S. team that introduced freestyle skiing to Europe. Ken’s has also co-starred in some of the early ski films such as “HOT SKIS” and an Air France film know as “FRENCH KICK” among others. (reward for additional footage of Ken back in the day) Ken spends much of his time in the store today greeting customers and tuning skis is our newest machine, the Swiss engineered MONTANA CHALLENGE. In the summers Ken is a competitive Trap shooter and is a 3 time member of the ATA All-American Team.

In many ways, Ken’s son Torin has followed in his father’s footsteps (ski tracks?). Graduating from Stratton Mt. School after 5 previous years at Okemo Mt. School. He finished third in the NYSSRA state downhill at Lake Placid in 1997. He was named to the 1999 and 2000 SG-DH Team of the New York State Alpine Team. As a college racer Torin was named Paul Smith’s Outstanding Male Athlete in 1999-2000. He also qualified for the USCSA Nationals and finished top 30 in both GS and SL. After returning from a ski accident that caused him to miss the 04/05 ski season, he won first place, winning all but one race, in the Local Innkeepers ski race series. From there Torin was placed on a team representing Okemo Mtn at The Ski Bum Finals and won both runs to be the fastest ski bum in Vermont in 2006. Torin has continued his education and is now an ABC board certified Pedorthist. Torin also holds a 100 Ton Master licenses with the United States Coast Guard.