The best in Swiss ski and snowboard service is now at the Totem Pole. More than 25 ski manufacturers rely on Montana machines and now you can have the same top level of service at retail. Our state of the art MONTANA CHALLENGE is turning heads in the industry, providing the best in glide for Alpine, Nordic and Snowboard.


The Best In Swiss Ski & Board Service

Unlike most service centers that run equipment from a single supplier we run machines from Montana, Winterstager, and R off B. This gives us the flexibility to use the best equipment available from every manufacturer. It also lets us isolate what skis go through each process and specialize what each machine does best.


Winterstager Trim Jet

In the case of our Winterstager Trim Jet we are running the superfine cup wheels that create an edge that is sharper and smoother for racing service, compared to most stores in the country that run medium cup wheels. One of the reason we can do this is our multi-machine platform, our Wintersteiger Trim Jet is most often used for racing service side edging that requires more polishing and less material removal. For most consumer and rental skis these cup wheels wouldn’t have the desired output rate.

We have the capability to set base bevels from approximately .3 degrees with a machinist modified hand tool for the highest level SL athletes to completely rolled over sanded edge for an Urban park ski. For most of our skis we finishing with a radial base bevel that is APPROX .7~1 at the tip and tail and .4~.7 under foot (to preference). Radial tuning gives increased grip under foot, and allows the tip and tail to release easier. This gives a more balanced, progressive feel to skis, especially those with rocker. This methodology has been used on DH and SG skis for many years and is now available at the retail level. It’s hard to convey the importance of base beveling so stop in or call and have a chat with us to find out what would work best for you.